bhukti and mukti

bhukti and mukti

bhukti and mukti

bhukti and mukti
bhukti and mukti

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The Video states the reply to the question asked at quora space question: Has A Kundalini Yogi both Bhukti (enjoyment) and Mukti (liberation) in the fullest and literal sense?

प्रश्न क्या एक कुंडलिनी योगी पूर्ण और शाब्दिक अर्थों में भक्ति (भोग) और मुक्ति (मुक्ति) दोनों है?

The Video Covers

1. About Kundalini Yogi

2. Is enjoyment related to spiritual awakening

3. Can liberation and enjoyment go hand in hand

4. What is the ultimate goal

5. What is sat chith ananda

Saraswati World Foundation promotes the practice of dhyana or meditation for everyone, especially the younger generation. the understanding of Ohm as universal power to overcome all hurdles in achieving a better lifestyle progressive mind and spiritual oneness. The practice of Shakti ohm Chakraayam for the larger benefit of society.


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