ashwini mudra | tribandha pranayama | mulabandha | ashwini mudra kaise karte hain | EP 4

#kundalini awakening i #tribandha #ashwinimudra #mulashwini mudra kaise karte tribandha

This video brings out the authentic info and knowledge and perspective of Kundalini shakti, Kundalini awakening seven chakras, and the impact of shakti ohm on unleashing human power. In this video tribandha pranayama, moolbandha, ashwini mudra and different mudra pose are described along with basic pranayamas like anulom vilom, vastrika, kapalbhati and ohm. The purpose of this video is to make the audience aware of preparation before practicing shakti ohm. Please subscribe to our channel to receive the latest videos and information. The links to the first episode The link to second episode The link to the third episode Please visit our website at Send us questions/query/interest related to video or spirituality or youth-related issue at Follow us at Twitter at Like our Facebook Fanpage or send any query/question at Our YouTube Channel- Youthaspire… Follow us at Pinterest at Follow us at Instagram at… Follow us at Linkedin at… Watch us at Flickr at Like us at Reddit Check our Blogger site at Check out our news partner site at Check out our Tumblr account at…

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