om | kundalini yoga | om meditation | invoke | om chanting | om mantra | shakto om EP 6

om | kundalini yoga | om meditation | invoke | om chanting | om mantra | shakto om EP 6

#shaktiohm #om #omchanting #ommantra #kundalini awakening #kundalini shakti #tribandha pranayama #ashwini mudra #moolabandha The demonstrated shakti Ohm is practiced by a trained and spiritually active person in yoga. The viewers are requested not to perform shakti ohm merely by watching few episodes. It requires dedication, practice, and proper guidance without which it can’t be performed or practiced. In order to learn shakti ohm, the viewer should contact by email as given in the description. The demonstrated shakti Ohm must be performed after basic pranayama. And there is no exception to it. The demonstration of Shakti Ohm is merely for knowledge of viewers and not amounting to training. Shakti Ohm Chakraayam is a powerful yogic practice that streamlines the life energy of the human body through seven chakras. The viewer must understand the difference between Ohm Chanting and Shakti Ohm. And It doesn’t undermine any other yogic asanas or pranayamas. Shakti Ohm Chakraayam requires proper training and knowledge for the following reasons. 1. Sitting posture is veerasana or bajrasana. It is neither recommended nor possible for many to adopt this posture quickly. It is one of the difficult sitting postures which requires immense practice. 2. Anus and pelvic floor lock and release which we call Ashwini mudra and anus closed along the pelvic floor for some time called moola bandha also require rigorous training and practice. 3. Deep concentration at each point of chakras requires years of practice. 4. The inhale breathing which is performed as slow, deep, and long breathing also requires some training and fully functional lungs to perform such inhalation. 5. First understanding of Ohm as A… U… M…. and secondly experiencing it is challenging for seekers. Chanting Ohm at different lengths for different chakras is a matter of deep practice and concentration. 6. It is advised to viewers to contact Saraswati World Foundation for such training. 7. The Shakti Ohm is based on Vedic scriptures and yogic science and understanding of modern science. It has been kept out of the dominion of any man-made religion, color, creed nationality, and border. it is open for all regardless of any limitation said above. 8. The goal of shakti ohm is to bring pure bliss and joy which we read in Vedas as Satchidananda. 9. This practice is dedicated to mankind. Few cautions. 1. The author has explicitly cautioned the rules and who is eligible for such practice. 2. Each practitioner must ensure that he or she is physically fit to do the same as demonstrated in this episode. 3. The author has also explained the importance of asana called veerasana pr vajrasana and the benefits associated with it. 4. It is advised to see the previous episodes of Kundalini and shakti ohm to understand the current episode. The links to the previous episode are given below please watch the video to understand this video

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