Wheel of Life

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Wheel of Life – Happiness and Joy Index assessment

The purpose of installing the wheel of life is to assess the person in terms of things, persons, and work relevant to him or her. As a matter of fact, you have seen many people working hard for their health or many working beyond the limit for expanding their business or service and what not but you see or find or meet very few people who work hard to understand prepare, and act upon their own mind and beyond. Whereas most of us believe in the external journey connecting places, things, events, persons, etc. No one is interested in venturing into an inner journey.

Under any situation, different people behave differently but most of them surrender before the situation goes out of balance either apparently or mentally. Their entire energy is focused on something unnecessary. Direction is lost, peace is gone and people look to each other for momentary relief.

wheel of life

When that happens, it’s time to adopt a “holistic view” of your life in order to restore balance.

Shakti Ohm presents The Wheel of Life (sometimes known as the Life Wheel) can be useful here. It’s commonly used by qualified life coaches to help you assess what’s throwing you off balance in any aspect of your life.

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