tribandh | kundalini awakening | naadi shodhan | mulabandha | ashwini mudra | shakti om EP 5

#kundaliniawakening #tribandha pranayama #ashwini mudra #mulabandha This episode is special as it contains demonstrations of various asana, mudra, and pranayama. The episode covers the demonstration of kapalbhati kriya (shining skull breathing) , bhastrika pranayama ( Deep Breathing ) Nadi Shodhan ( Alternate Nostril Breathing leading to purification of all energy channels, and at the last tribandh pranayama ( Three locks of the body). The episode covers extensive details of ashwini mudra or kriya ( Sometimes called kegel exercise ), Moolbandh or bottom/anus lock, abdominal lock or uddayan bandh, and throat lock or Jalandhar bandh. The author has clearly explained the benefits of each of the pranayama with live demonstration The author has also cautioned the rules and who is eligible for such practice. Each practitioner must ensure that he or she is physically fit to do the same as demonstrated at this episode. The author has also explained the importance of asana called veerasana pr vajrasana and benefits associated with it. It is advised to see the previous episodes of Kundalini and shakti ohm to understand the current episodes. The links to previous episode are given below please watch the video to understand the video

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