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Journey to Enlightenment

In the vast tapestry of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, Bharata, ancient India, stands as a land that has witnessed the emergence of countless great saints, Yogis, and seers. These enlightened beings embarked on a profound quest for truth, discovering that Sanatana Dharma is the ultimate path for attaining enlightenment and moksha, liberation. Their journeys into
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Navratri – the source of divine energy

Navratri Navratri is primarily regarded as worshiping “shakti” (Mother Durga represents shakti). But not many know that the underline object of worshiping Goddess is not just getting blessings but also controlling, tapping, and regulating energy flowing through the human body and having a deep impact at every level. It’s mind body and soul. It’s high
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Vedic Puja and abundant spiritual energy

Significance of Vedic Puja By Vedic Puja, we mean the manner and method described or mentioned in the divine Vedas. Vedic puja is commonly observed in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and even Sikhism. The combination of all Vedic pujas performed is Santana (disciple). The method of praying to connect with God is completely different and is
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brahma muhurta meditation Dec 7, 2022

Benefits of Meditation for students

Benefits of Meditation for students Meditation is an ancient follow of discourse for rising physical, mental, and spiritual health by acting as an awareness energizer that brings peace, tolerance, and solidarity. Since its inception and practice in the Vedic education system and spread across the globe like Shaolin Monk Meditation. This ancient practice is currently well accepted in society and therefore the education world where concentration, focus, and performance are the
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om meditation Nov 6, 2022

Om Meditation

Om Meditation – Since ancient times, seekers realized beings, and gurus have discovered a variety of techniques, methods, and processes to achieve moksha, nirvana, or Mukti. Everyone’s ultimate purpose is to submit to and be absolved by Param Satya or Parambrahma, or supreme consciousness. There is one element that all of this work has in
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