Worship Prayer

brahma muhurta meditation Dec 16, 2022

Worship Prayer

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Worship Prayer

Since time immemorial, people have found ways, methods, customs, and reading to feel connected with God, or at least try to connect with God. Of the various forms of such practices, prayer, worship, and animal sacrifices account for the greatest proportion. This article is all about worship and prayer. The author considers animal sacrifice as the cruelest form of religious practice and hence condemns it in whatever form it has been practiced anywhere in the globe. The article hence will not cover anything of animal sacrifice.

In general, if you ask someone what the difference is between the two, he or she can answer, “Exactly the same.” Worship and prayer are used interchangeably to refer to religious practices, as in this world you need to go to a temple, church, or mosque. (Same can be done at home).

Worship Prayer

Since the two looks so similar that people feel it’s all same and start to declare the evergreen statement “God is one”. Nowadays this phrase is quite popular to seek some sort of mutual understanding between different orders and religions. The statement brings some kind of equilibrium amongst the people of different directions/thoughts/follows etc. These developments in the national and international arenas have somewhat diluted the fact that the two have very different and distinct ways appear to connect with God.

Worship or more clearly Puja archana ( as we call it in India) is done to a specific deity or various ways of experiencing Brahma which we grossly called as God. The most interesting characteristic of worship practitioners is that they are least interested in the census of Brahma whether Brahma is one or many. For them, it is beyond the capacity of human intellect to judge or quantify Brahma. For them what is important is what they are experiencing or feeling i.e complete devotion without any condition and passion for love.

A devotee’s devotion and passion are the very basis of his worship of God.

Worship Prayer

Worship creates eternal love and trust between Brahma and Atman (grossly God and soul) because worship generally does not focus on a particular desire. There is no need to worship God at Mass or community gatherings. Especially if it is done individually or with a family. If you happen to visit any temple, you will find that each devotee worships God in their own way. It is not necessary for everyone to sit or stand together to initiate this process. It is one-on-one and each believer has their own way of connecting with God. Worship may or may not express personal or social desires. Worship is focused on devotion, love, and passion for God.

Worship Prayer

Prayer is a common and popular way appear to connect with God. It is mainly due to the large gatherings in religious places and chapels and the shared reverence for God. Prayer at Mass is a very important part of prayer with God. But you can also pray individually at home or elsewhere. Each player has a specific message, wish, and respect for God through which people send their wishes and prayers to God. The most important aspect of prayer is that prayer is organized as two-way communication between the two, as absent in puja or worship, which is the surrender of the devotee to Brahma. Prayers are usually done in groups or large gatherings whereas pujas or individually, mostly with family members. Prayer is like sending a message to God, and worship is like becoming one with Brahma in all respects.

The same request of millions of people gathered in prayer sends a powerful message to God. Collective prayer is good when each member of the group has the same aspirations. But what happens when everyone has their own thoughts and desires? What happens to God when hears the same message from each of the believers?

In real life, we may observe prayers and pujas. When we go to school as students, the first thing we do is pray together. We pray together for our society, our country, and our God. But when they get to the classroom, prayer ceases to be practiced and they begin to worship and revere study.

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