muladhara chakra activation

muladhara chakra activation

Muladhara chakra activation or root chakra activation

muladhara chakra

Muladhara chakra activation  – This is the tenth episode of a spiritual headstart and this part explicitly answers the core question as raised on the site.

question In activating Muladhara chakra , do we meditate/ dhyan on the beej mantra or seed mantra?

That is to say we meditate on the lam or vam/shham/sham/Sam?

मूलाधार को सक्रिय करने में, क्या हम बीज मंत्र या बीज मंत्र पर ध्यान देते हैं? क्या हम लम या वाम/शम/शम/सम का ध्यान करते हैं?

The video is made to help the seekers to work up[on their root chakra also called mooladhara or muladhara chakra.

The video clearly identifies

1. What is muladhara chakra or mooladhara or root chakra

2. What is the current colour attached to this chakra

3. What is the correct beej mantra

4. What is the way to dhyana for Muladhara

5. Which mahaboot is attached or connected with this chakra.

6. What are the cautions

7. Another way to do it As mentioned in the video viewers are advised to watch all the six episodes available online on youtube.

Muladhara chakra is located at the base of the tailbone, it is the first of the human chakras. Its corresponding mantra is LAM. The Muladhara Chakra forms the boundary between animal and human consciousness. It is concerned with the unconscious, which stores our past actions and life experiences. Therefore, according to the law of karma, this chakra contains the course of our future destiny. This chakra is also the foundation for our personality development.

The positive attributes of the Muladhara chakra are vitality, vitality, and growth. Negative qualities are laziness, sluggishness, self-centredness, and being dominated by one’s material desires.

The divinity of this chakra is Lord Shiva in his manifestation as the “Master of Animals” – Pashupati Mahadeva – which means that the lower qualities have been overcome.

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