Any difference between present and past Spiritual guru ?

Any difference between present and past Spiritual guru ?

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Spiritual Guru

This article is written in view of the wide differences observed between today’s spiritual gurus of India and the Gurus of the past.

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So the topic this time is very simple. In today’s time or in today’s world, all the spiritual leaders or spiritual gurus, masters, whether they are in South India, North India, or Western India, have big names/brands, show stoppers of many shows and too recognized on prime time of Indian television, their videos are watched millions time on YouTube, and thousands of people read and quote their commentary on various subjects.

Let me introduce you to the modern gurus of Bharat. So we all know this thing very well that all the big names, business people, and Politicians all feel charged in the presence of these spiritual gurus.

These gurus talk about life and don’t know what else they talk about. But there is a question that leaving two gurus like Ram Rahim and Asharam Bapu or some other guru with stories, I don’t form any opinion about other spiritual gurus from that point of view.

But when you see these gurus in person, on television, what do you see other than their speech, that is, their meditation? So I am questioning it.

Are you noticing an attention-seeking nature in gurus, apart from their words, they are your attention-seekers. Doesn’t it bother you that they want your attention?

Well, do you remember the story of Gautama Buddha, or the story of Lord Mahavir, or the story of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, or the story of Sai Baba, or the story of Maharishi Dayanada Saraswati or Prabhupada ji of Iskon Temple or great Ram Krishna Paramahansa? They all embody one thing pure bliss and spirituality and in today’s Do you see any difference in Guru?

Now don’t say this, if the difference was visible because of technology, then yes, there has been the advancement of technology, but apart from this, you can see some clear differences. Prince Siddhartha, i.e. who later became Buddha, had left his kingdom in a moment. similarly, Lord Mahavir, who is worshiped in the Jain sect, has also sacrificed his kingdom; and even Kings and Emperors left their thrones and palace and went to follow these great sages.

If you carefully observe, you notice pure bliss and spirituality, and those who can see spirituality, understand that spirituality has nothing to do with the body and its desire and physical existence.

When you see today’s spiritual guru, it seems that they have got an addiction to promotion, they have got habituated to becoming larger than life like film stars, to attract attention, to remain as a first-hand celebrity.

The holy Vedas and Upanishads clearly define the material world and spiritual world, Rishi and saints do not believe in the very physical body. They get engrossed in the soul in such a way that they have nothing to do with the body either. That’s why these spiritual gurus had no need except basic survival.

In the context of modern gurus don’t we find the gap or missing link in the present time?

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