Muladhara chakra activation symptoms

muladhara chakra Jun 14, 2022

Muladhara chakra activation symptoms

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Muladhara chakra- This is the tenth episode of Spiritual Head Start. This part clearly answers the core questions raised on the website.
The question answered in this video are

Some of the questions were replied to or explained in the Hindi language

muladhara chakra

Core Question

While activating Muladhara chakra, do we dhyana or meditate on the beej or seed mantra?

Do we meditate on the sound of lam or vam / shham / sham / Sam?

The purpose of creating a rich and well-researched video is mentioned below
This video was produced to help seekers/practitioners to work on their root/Muladhara chakra, also known as mooladhara or Muladhara chakra.

  1. What is Muladhara chakra or mooladhara or root chakra?
  2. What is the correct color for this chakra?
  3. What is the correct beej spell?
  4. What is the meditative path of the sea chakra?
  5. What mahaboot is attached to or connected to this chakra?
  6. What are the precautions?
  7. Another method is to streamline and reorganize the chakras.
  • As mentioned in the video, it is recommended that viewers watch all six episodes YouTube Youthaspire offers online.
  • Episode 1 The story of the awakening of Kundalini and Chakra Shakti Ohm 
  • Episode 2 The awakening of Kundalini, Chakras, endocrine system, and Koshas Shakti The story of Ohm 
  • Episode 3 ॐ Ohm aum as the creator of God and omnipotent existence om chant Shakti Ohm 
  • Episode 4 Tribandha pranayama, moola bandha, Ashwini mudra basic pranayama and shakti ohm 
  • Chapter 5 Tribandha and kundalini collection

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