Navratri – the source of divine energy

Navratri – the source of divine energy

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Navratri is primarily regarded as worshiping “shakti” (Mother Durga represents shakti). But not many know that the underline object of worshiping Goddess is not just getting blessings but also controlling, tapping, and regulating energy flowing through the human body and having a deep impact at every level. It’s mind body and soul. It’s high time to moderate high energy or low energy within us. During Navratri, it is recommended to observe fasting and submit oneself to Goddess in every respect.


Many of us have seen many people fall sick during this time or sometimes we see mentally unstable people behave or become very aggressive unrelated to their normal behavior. We also see people fasting for nine days stay healthy, energetic, and socially active by participating in dandiya or cultural events. This happens because of the moderation of divine energy in an efficient or inefficient manner.

Efficient moderation of energy results in good health, high energy, a well-behaved personality, and an intelligent mind. It is seen that after fasting for nine days and devotion to God during Navratri devotee feels so energetic not just by the body but also by mind and soul. Such devotees become more tolerant, humble, composed, and caring. They feel become a better human being closely connected with shakti blessings.

The uncontrollable flow of anything results in great loss and disappointment and energy is no exception to this. Such things cause more aggression, intolerance, sickness, madness, and subhuman behavior.

Navratri is a very important timeline in the life of devotees or anyone else. And observing it whole heartily can bring lots of good to devotees. it is time for patience and submission.

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