Om Meditation

om meditation Nov 6, 2022

Om Meditation

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Om Meditation – Since ancient times, seekers realized beings, and gurus have discovered a variety of techniques, methods, and processes to achieve moksha, nirvana, or Mukti. Everyone’s ultimate purpose is to submit to and be absolved by Param Satya or Parambrahma, or supreme consciousness.

There is one element that all of this work has in common. Regardless of how they meditate, they all do so. The English word “meditation” is insufficient or inadequate to define or comprehend “dhyana.”

We swap the two for the aim of popularising the term meditation and gaining wider acceptance, but we remind the readers that “Dhyana” is something deeper than what we experience.

om  meditation

Om Meditation – Dhyana is practiced by rishis, saints, yogis, realized beings, seekers, and followers on various levels. Dhyana is effective and commonly practiced at the level of sound.

Om, Aum, or  Ohm, you spell it whatever way  This universal sound plays the most important role for everybody wishing to begin dhyana or meditation, regardless of what we practice as religion.

Ohm has three syllables and is the primordial, universal, and sacred sound. The first is aaaaa but not A, followed by ooooo but not O, and mmmmmm but not m. These are generated sounds.

These sounds are made without the use of a tongue, and all of the sounds we hear in the form of language are permutations and combinations of these three syllables and tongue-twisting. Please see the youtube video for additional details on universal sound om.

The seekers are also encouraged to listen to the tune of om at only

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