tamsik bhojan mein kya kya aata hai

tamsik bhojan mein kya kya aata hai

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काजू बादाम पिसता इत्यादि कौन से आहार है? कैसे तामसिक आहार को जाने

The article tries to put up the following things for discussion

1. What is Satvik food, Rajasiki Food and Tamsik Food.

2. What are sattva, raja, and tamas properties embedded in nature.

3. The suitable references from Vedic texts and Srimad Bhagwat Gita

4. Valid reference from the yoga sutra

5. Viewpoint of science

6. Why is it important to consider food discipline while adopting yoga sadhana or yogic meditation?

The video in Hindi elaborates on some burning issues of food diet compatible with good health and well being

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